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After 60 I simply came to accept that my vision was only half the man I used to be when at 64 during Covid lockdown in 2020, Dylan’s name and the awesome work he does for tired old “cataracted” eyes was mentioned by a cycling comrade. Now, I love mountain biking and your confidence is challenged on a fast single track without good vision which normally translates into quick response and avoiding injury or even death. Not to mention trying to decipher what your smart watch and Strava device are trying to tell you without readers on the trail. I am also a photographer and need good vision to record the beauty of life in crisp focus and colour. Dylan Joseph provided exactly what he told me he would with the amazing skills and technology he has acquired. My eyesight has been restored to a level I value so much and I am able to continue enjoying the outdoors, photography, cycling and surfing without glasses at close, medium and long range. Many folks are afraid of someone meddling with their precious eyes but I can tell you categorically that although we all know that getting old is not for sissy’s, Dylan Joseph’s corrective surgery for cataracts gives one an amazing new lease on life! Thanks Dylan and team!

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