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New Surgical Centre:

Brilliant first list in a world class facility with state of the art equipment and superb staff…Advanced Health Surgical Centre doing Knysna and the Southern Cape proud.
The equipment used here includes the ‪#‎Centurion‬ and ‪#‎Luxor‬ microscope with ‪#‎Verion‬ system for correcting astigmatism and fine tuning the surgeon’s induced astigmatism. This is all critical for premium cataract surgery and includes a heads- up display for toric lens alignment and positioning of lenses.

This is taking refractive ‪#‎cataract‬ and standard cataract surgery to the next level….

And of course…a view of the ‪#‎KnysnaHeads‬ from the operating room is hard to beat…

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