Dr. Emil Goosen

Eye Specialist in Retinal, Cataract and Glaucoma Surgery

Dr Emile Goosen obtained his Master of Medicine in Ophthalmology at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in 2016. He is also a graduate of the University of Stellenbosch (MBChB 2008) and The Colleges of Medicine of South Africa (FCOphthSA 2015).

About Dr Emile Goosen, Eye Specialist Port Elizabeth

Are you looking for an eye specialist in Port Elizabeth? Dr Goosen is located at the Port Elizabeth Eye and Laser Institute. He has been an asset to the private practice since April 2016.

Your complex eye issues may be a daily struggle. Dr Goosen became an eye specialist doctor to help struggling individuals improve their quality of life and even gain independence from glasses/contact lenses. He is a devoted Ophthalmologist, committed to your eye care.

Dr Goosen specialises in retinal, cataract and glaucoma surgeries of the eye. These procedures and treatments at our facility include:

  • the management of retinal detachments,
  • epiretinal membrane removal,
  • macular hole repairs,
  • the removal of significant eye floaters, and
  • the repositioning of dropped and/or dislocated intraocular lenses.

Those seeking cataract eye surgery with Dr Goosen will be pleased to learn that the procedure is individually tailored to the patient. This enables your eyes to remain spectacle-free for most of your daily tasks.

Publications and Presentations in Eye Care

  • Goosen E, Visser L, Sartorius B. Selective laser trabeculoplasty in primary open-angle glaucoma: Primary versus secondary treatment outcomes. Afr Vision Eye Health. 2016;75(1), a338. http://dx.doi.org/10.4102/aveh.v75i1.338
  • Goosen E, Coleman K, Visser L, Sponsel WE. Racial Differences in Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty Efficacy. J Curr Glaucoma Pract 2017;11(1):22-27.
  • Optometrist lectures: Dr Goosen lectures on ocular pathology for the Spec-Savers SA group. These meetings are sponsored by Allergan.
  • Pharmacist lectures: Dr Goosen lectures on ocular medications and common ocular conditions. The meetings are sponsored by Geneye, Bauch and Lomb.
  • Ophthalmologist lectures: Dr Goosen regularly presents lectures at local congresses, including OSSA, SAVRS, SASCRS and SAGS. He covers various topics, which include original research, eye surgery techniques, as well as new developments in the field of eye care.
  • Registrar surgical training: Dr Goosen presents surgical wet labs in Johannesburg for trainee Ophthalmologists. The meetings are sponsored by Alcon.

Presentations of Original Work in the Eye Care Field

  • The Eyhance IOL, SASCRS conference 2019
  • Zepto Capsulotomy, OSSA conference 2019
  • “Goosen Twist” secondary intraocular lens implantation, SAVRS conference 2019
  • Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty, OSSA conference 2016
  • Poster presentation on Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty, OSSA conference 2016
  • Poster presentation on methamphetamine and cocaine induced retinal vasculitis and occlusion, OSSA conference 2014
  • Poster presentation on Limbal Squamous Cell Carcinoma, OSSA conference 2013

Eye Care Professional Membership and Registration

  • Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) MP 0705950
  • Medical Protection Society (MPS) 01/45453
  • OSSA (Ophthalmic Society of South Africa)
  • SAVRS (South African Vitreoretinal Society)
  • SAGS (South African Glaucoma Society)
  • CMSA (Colleges of Medicine of South Africa)

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