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Dr Dylan Joseph specialises in laser eye surgery & cataract surgery

Welcome to vision for life Clinic

Vision for Life is not just a phrase. It’s a way of life, it’s a way of seeing, a way of enjoying every second to its fullest.

Vision for life is about empowering yourself to own your vision…how do you do that?
Dr. Joseph super specialises in vision correction solutions that are tailor-made to suit you and your visual lifestyle. These include laser vision correction procedures, implantable contact lenses, lens replacement surgery, and cataract surgery. Yes, all of these procedures can bring you the freedom you are looking for from contact lenses, spectacles, and or reading spectacles.

Dr. Joseph and his team are passionate about vision correction, and endeavour to make your journey to visual freedom a premium experience. Discover more about their expertise by tuning in to Dr. Dylan’s informative Medical Monday sessions on Eradio.

At the Vision for Life Clinic, allowing you to own your vision is our drive and commitment.

About Dr. Dylan Joseph

Dr. Dylan Joseph is a founding member and inaugural Fellow of the World College of Refractive Surgeons and Visual Sciences (, and belongs to the global Refractive Surgery Alliance (, a group of like-minded surgeons whose mission is to empower people with visual freedom!

Dr. Joseph is board certified and holds Ophthalmic Surgery registration in Ireland, The United Kingdom, and South Africa.

He is super-specialised in the field of laser vision correction, lens and cataract surgery, and enjoyed a 2-year fellowship in a world-leading, pioneering clinic in Dublin, Ireland with Mr. Arthur Cummings.


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We Are Compliant With COVID-19 Health And Safety Regulations

Our top priority is your safety and we want to reassure you that our practice is compliant with COVID-19 safety regulations.

  • All necessary precautions are being taken to keep the space clean and sterile.
  • Our staff have been tested (with negative results for all).
  • Admission to the day clinic for surgery requires a negative COVID-19 test result.

With the above in place, all avenues have been covered. If you are considering eye corrective surgery, we don't want you to worry or stress about it.

Why not book an online virtual consult with me first to discuss your options. You can confirm a date and time that suits you here.


Opti-Vision is a company born from the creative minds of an ophthalmic surgeon and a physicist / biomedical engineer.

This partnership has resulted in a number of innovative medical concepts that add significant value to the quality of life of people through improving health and treating common medical conditions that are often under treated, yet relatively easy to manage.

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