Ophthalmologist and Eye Specialist, Specialising in Laser Eye And Cataract Surgery:

Let us help you improve your vision and eliminate your struggle with glasses and contact lenses.


Looking for a LASIK surgeon near you? Dr Joseph is delighted to expand laser vision correction services in form of screening in Johannesburg/Sandton, Eastern Cape/Port Elizabeth, Western Cape/Cape Town and Mpumalanga/Nelspruit. He has partnered with six very well-respected surgeons in Dr Emil Goosen, Dr Darren Stoler, Dr Daemon McClunan, Dr Dean Van Der Westhuizen and Dr Morgan Hayes.

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Laser Eye Surgery Services

Dr Joseph, an Ophthalmologist and Eye Specialist based in Knysna, focuses on both cataract and refractive,
or laser eye surgery procedures.

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Laser Eye Surgery

Dr Joseph makes use of bladeless WaveLight laser technology to safely perform the different types of laser surgery.

LASIK Eye Surgery

Let us walk you through LASIK surgery and give you an in-depth understanding of the procedure.

LASEK Eye Surgery

Dr Joseph makes use of one-step no touch laser vision correction surgery.

PRK Surgery

Dr Joseph makes use of WaveLight laser technology to safely perform the different types of laser surgery.


Other Vision Correction Services

Cataract Surgery

Explore premium lens technology when considering the cataract surgery procedure.

Customised Lens Exchange

Explore CLE to reduce or eliminate short-sightedness, long-sightedness and/or astigmatism.

Phakic Lens Implant Surgery

Surgical implantation of a phakic intraocular lens is another option to correct short-sightedness/long-sightedness and/or astigmatism


About Dr Dylan Joseph

Dr Dylan Joseph completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Pretoria. In pursuit of an ophthalmologist career, he has been privileged to have served communities in most provinces in South Africa as well as in Ireland over the last decade.

  • MBChB UP
  • Dip Ophth SA
  • FC Ophth SA
  • MMed Ophth UFS with distinction
  • Refractive fellowship course, Dublin, Ireland 2015
  • Glaukos Physician training program for the iStent, Armenia 2014

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We Are Compliant With COVID-19 Health And Safety Regulations

Our top priority is your safety and we want to reassure you that our practice is compliant with COVID-19 safety regulations:

  • All necessary precautions are being taken to keep the space clean and sterile.
  • Our staff have been tested (with negative results for all).
  • Admission to the day clinic for surgery requires a negative COVID-19 test result.

With the above in place, all avenues have been covered. If you are considering eye corrective surgery, we don't want you to worry or stress about it.

Why not book an online virtual consult with me first to discuss your options. You can confirm a date and time that suits you here.


Opti-Vision is a company born from the creative minds of an ophthalmic surgeon and a physicist / biomedical engineer.

This partnership has resulted in a number of innovative medical concepts that add significant value to the quality of life of people through improving health and treating common medical conditions that are often under treated, yet relatively easy to manage.

Keeping a close eye on medical technology, Opti-Vision strives to bring you simple, home-based, medical products that change the way you view your health, and your lifestyle.

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