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Laser eye and LASIK surgery is an investment for your future. This next-generation procedure allows you to experience life without the dependency on spectacles, contact lenses or reading glasses to perform tasks. By giving yourself the gift of vision, you will experience the benefits of improved eyesight without boundaries.

Our highly qualified ophthalmologist and eye surgeon, Dr Joseph, makes use of advanced technology to fully optimise your vision according to your needs. With years of success in cataract, refractive and laser eye surgery, Dr Joseph is passionate about vision and helping you improve the quality of your life.

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Eye Surgery Services

Dr Joseph, an Ophthalmologist and Eye Specialist, focuses on both cataract and refractive,
or laser eye surgery procedures.

Laser Eye Surgery

Dr Joseph makes use of bladeless WaveLight laser technology to safely perform the different types of laser surgery.

LASIK Eye Surgery

Let us walk you through LASIK surgery and give you an in-depth understanding of the procedure.



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