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An interesting article on CRST Global Europe recently caught my eye. This article covered the development of new IOL (Intraocular lens) advancements by Vivenex.

Instead of bifocal lenses, Vivenex tested Gemetric Trifocal lenses on more than 350 eyes. What makes Trifocal IOLs so significant is that they enhance near, intermediate and far vision.

Two Gemetric lenses were created to take one step closer to optimising IOLs for every possible patient. These are the Vivinex Gemetric (G) and Vivinex Gemetric Plus (GP) Trifocal IOLs. High-quality vision is what every patient is after and what every opthalmologist, like myself, aims to give. I’m excited about the advancements in optimal vision that Vivinex Gemetric brings to IOL surgery.

Vivinex Gemetric and Vivinex Gemetric Plus are almost exactly the same when it comes to add powers, with slight differences in light energy distribution. The idea behind the two types of lenses is to create complementary visual performance platforms that provide patients with a range of excellent vision across near, intermediate, and far distances.

This approach avoids certain complexities associated with mixing lens types contralaterally, such as eye dominance considerations and neuroadaptation to two different technologies.

I will spare you the technical talk of the micrometre measurements of the Vivinex Gemetric lenses but will briefly touch upon their light energy distribution differences. The Vivinex GPTrifocal IOL is designed to provide higher quality near vision by distributing almost equal amounts of light energy to distance and near foci, while the G IOL maintains the greater amount of light for distance.

HOYA surgical optics did multiple studies on approximately 568 subjects and found that the Vivinex Gemetric lenses consistently achieved distance vision above 20/20. Gone are the days where 20/20 vision is the best! What a revolutionary change to the world.

I would like to end this blog with excitement for the future of IOL surgery and can’t wait to apply the Vivinex Gemetric lenses to my patients who need them.

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