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Intra-ocular lens trial

I am offering an Intra-ocular lens trial!

In refractive surgery, there is a constant drive for visual perfection.

Although the latest multifocal and extended depth of field lenses are getting closer to minimal dysphotopsia profiles, all current models still exhibit some form of low-lighting glare and halos.

I believe these lenses are suited to a very well-chosen client, who is looking for complete spectacle independence across all the ranges. They still have a very firm yet select place.

It is now though with great excitement, that I have been asked to partake in a pre-launch trial of a new lens called Eyhance. It has already been received in Europe with great success and is based on the mono-focal lens, with a higher-order aspheric surface, resulting in a continuous power increase from the periphery to the centre.

This lens has no concentric diffractive rings, unlike standard multifocal lenses, so the possibility of night-time glare and halos is as close to zero as a standard mono-focal aspheric intraocular lens.

These lenses are not designed to make someone spectacle independent, but what they do offer is great distance vision, with vastly improved intermediate vision-their defocus curve looks very impressive from Plano through to-1.5 DS.

If you have patients who may be interested in this Intra-ocular lens trial, please see below criteria, and feel free to get your patient to contact our clinic. The lenses are being reimbursed in full by all medical aids.

Inclusion criteria:

  • Healthy eyes (no retinal disease, diabetes or glaucoma)
  • Corneal astigmatism < 0.75DC (I can assess this at the practice)
  • No pupil abnormalities
  • No previous refractive surgery (LASIK / PRK)
  • No ocular disease that may compound visual outcomes
  • No abnormal pupil size

I look forward to offering your patient this cutting-edge technology.

Kind regards
Dr Dylan Joseph

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