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Phillip Townsend

For the first time in 63 years, I can see without glasses! I now have a functional vision all the way from long-distance to reading: I can cycle without glasses, drive without them, watch TV without them. It really is amazing that cataract surgery has not only removed the haze but also corrected most of my other vision defects as well.

The procedures were quick and painless. Apart from a slight scratchiness while the tiny cuts healed there was no discomfort at all, and I was able to see perfectly well within an hour or two. From then on it just got better and better.

For driving and outdoor purposes I definitely need sunglasses now, because there is so many more light entering my eyes. The world is truly a brighter place…at least as far as my vision is concerned! I decided to have multi-focal photochromic lenses in my sunglasses, so as to have a pin-sharp vision for driving and also the ability to see really small objects close-up. But I don’t have HAVE to use them, and that makes all the difference. I am free from the tyranny of putting glasses on as soon as I wake up, and only taking them off when I go sleep. Wish I’d had that choice 60 years ago!

Many thanks to Dylan for improving my quality of life. He and his friendly and professional team made the whole process something to welcome, rather than to be faced in trepidation and anxiety.

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