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I have had an incredible experience with Dr Joseph and his team; from thier warmth, personal interest in thier clients, professionalism, availability, care to detail and even going as far as sharing as much information as they can to ease questions and concerns thier clients may have for FREE!

In my profession, I depend on my sight to make a living. So, to have gone from -3.75 sight or 20/20 vision behind glasses, to a near 20/20 vision free from a plastic and metal confinement, I have not only been able to do my job unaided, but also enjoy the freedoms in sport, travel and adventure without any hesitation.

I have been without glasses now for almost 6 months and I struggle to remember a life with them. I do suffer a bit from dry eyes, but with Dr Joseph’s careful guidance, I have been able to manage this quite comfortably.

I have always seen myself in my mind’s eye as someone without specs, and here I am today – surfing, swimming, snorkelling, sailing etc. Doing exactly that… No more hesitation, everything with eyes WIDE open.

Here is to another 4.5years (and more) with Dr Joseph and his team as we walk this joyful journey together!

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