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After my wife had her cataract procedure and me having to collect her, I thought it might be a good idea to have a “check up “myself. My own eyes where done 10yrs. ago and at the time I only had two options. Either you could opt to have lens implants for near vision or alternatively for further vision. I opted for further vision with very good results. Dr.Joseph informed me after a consultation that things have advanced and with latest technology he could modify my one lens so i would be able to see far and have no problems with near vision. His suggestion was to laser the weaker eye for near vision. It is the second day after the procedure and gone is the specs. I am thrilled with the results which now means i do not need readers for golf or guess my way around a Garmin unit when cycling. I also need to compliment the team for their professionalism. It is a world class facility and makes one proud to know that this expertise is available on our doorstep.

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