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Having undergone previous successful laser refractive surgery around 20 years ago, unfortunately my vision deteriorated rapidly in the past 3 years or so. I had been told that because of the prior laser surgery, it would not be possible to either have or achieve a good result with lens replacement surgery. Dr Joseph advised that this was not correct, (in my case at least). Two months ago he performed surgery on both eyes, my left astigmatic left eye requiring something called a Toric intraocular lens implant to correct the vision and astigmatism, while the right eye received a more standard multifocal intraocular lens. The process and potential outcomes were explained in detail, and supplemented with helpful videos. Since the day-surgery procedures, the only discomfort has been occasional dry eyes requiring eye drops, but this has slowly faded to now being practically negligible. I now have 20/20 multifocal eyesight, meaning that I do not require any glasses at all, and could not have hoped for a better outcome. Thank you to a very talented eye specialist and his professional team in Knysna.

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