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It is currently six weeks after my Lasik eye surgery, and everyday I am still surprised by how much it has changed my life. It was extremely comforting to go in for a consultation and have a huge range of tests done, it let me know from the get go that they wouldn’t recommend a surgery that could harm me in any way and that they would recommend what was best for my eyes. The actual surgery was very quick taking at most 20 minutes. My eyes were very itchy for 24 hours and a little bit itchy for a week or two, but the eye drops they gave me helped with that, and I could see and function normally the morning after the surgery. I went from not being able to see my hand in front of my face, to better than 20/20 vision in 24 hours. If you are considering getting eye surgery I would 100% recommend going to Dr Joseph, at the very least go in for a consultation and have the tests done to see what your options are.

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