6 weeks ago I was wondering aimlessly into the void of goalless training and we all know what that means…tomorrow is another today, why ride today?

So what better motivation to get those legs thrusting the pedals than a 230km traverse of the mighty Baviaans with an awesome friend, David of my great buddies from the good ‘ol Bloem days.

With trepidation and the knowledge that time was limited, we started motivating eachother by putting in big mile rides,slowly fueling the diesel tanks that are necessary to conquer the mighty beast of a race from Willomore to J-Bay.

The Baviaans is not only about the race, it is about the preparation, the team talk, team work, intricate planning, comaradery, your back up, in this case, David’s brother Jacques who drove all the way from Pretoria to be there for us…that’s cycling for you, that’s sport, that’s friendship..


The vibe in Willomore is abuzz with cyclists roaming the streets, checking out their competition for the next day. The evening is also a good time to celebrate and fuel up which we did with out Hotchillee mates from Cape Town. Nothing wrong with a beer prior to an endurance event!

The rest of the evening was spent psyching ourselves up listening to Jacque’s latest and greatest compilation, packing boxes, unpacking and repacking and talking ourselves through the next day’s challenge.

The Saturday morning brought near perfect starting conditions,slightly chilly and overcast.

The race started at a pace we found manageable enough to get ourselves into the front split, along with our other 3 Hotchillee boys for company.

It all¬†imploded at 104km and every team was left to fight their own race, both against themselves and their competitors…

At 120km I decided to buy myself a piece of Baviaans real estate and ploughed into a shallow river crossing. Unfortunately the bedding was not sand, but a concrete bridge. Staggering to my feet, soaked from head to toe and feeling strangely refreshed I did the quick check to make sure nothing had broken…bike was checked first of course. Apart from some road rash I was good to go.

The next hundred kilometres we rode together, just the two of us, going to dark places alone and being brought to the other side by your captain and copilot.

There is something to be said for silent suffering on a bike together. It molds and cements a bond between those sharing that silence.

9 hours and 51 min after the gun went off we rolled into J Bay mall…pretty tired but elated at our achievement..

Needless to say we enjoyed a good bottle of red and a dissection of the race at our beach log cabin that evening.

Thanks to David for an amazing ride, and Jacques….you are the man!

What’s next on the bike agenda…???