This year was likely to be our best shot at a win.

With great form and a number of seasonal classics under the belt including SA road champs and provincial champs, we were feeling good.


The Cape brought out it colours again on the day and made conditions difficult with wind gusts of up to 60km/hr..the first 50km straight into the teeth of the south- easter.


The pace got hot over Smitswinkel and the peloton was shattered into pieces with 10 bikes slipping off the front.

By the time we hit Chappies there were 5 of us left, but Mclean and Zimmerman were too strong on the day and left us all in their wake as they snaked upwards towards the summit.

We finished third…again…what do they say about third time lucky??

That’s three 3rd places in 3 consecutive Argus cycle tours.But we rode hard, and gave it our all..that’s what racing is about!


Now for a bit of a breather before the Sani2C!!