This year’s ride for sight we wanted to win, but not just the mixed category….overall in the tandems!

This accomplishment is not seen or heard of regularly and male tandems that will recall being in such a situation have vivid,¬†nightmare flashbacks of putting their entire beings on the line to prevent a mixed tandem from crossing that white line in front of them….Bile and blood will be tasted prior to giving up the ghost on that fight!

Racing was fierce from the gun but no one was getting away..so we left it to the Suikerbos Rand drag with a gutter wind to put the proverbial hammer down.

With 3 bikes away, the other 2 being male tandems, we rode our familiar time trial approach to the race.

Working together was going to be vital as there is invariably a block head wind in the last 20km…not something you want to be riding in alone.

With 5km to go we attacked….and attacked again, but trails of blood and bile were evident in the wake…There was no giving up behind us!

It’s a tricky finish …not suited to a tandem,and sitting third wheel into that straight, there is no winning from there.

On race day we were happy to take 1st mixed tandem honours, and third overall…..but wouldn’t that feeling have been great if we could have done the “unthinkable”….

Next up….The Argus!