This year’s OSSA meeting was held in the beautiful Drakensburg, Champagne Sports Resort.

So we decided to make a road trip of it(pretty brave or stupid) considering I have two girls under 3 years of age..but what a fantastic decision it turned out to be.

Our first stop was Graaf Reinet for the night-there is an inexplicable magic about the karoo which is incredibly captivating yet tranquilizing.

graaf reinet

Above is Graaf Reinet at its best…the calm before the storm..

Stop 2 was in the town of my alma mater, Bloem where we celebrated my birthday with wonderful friends and colleagues. I even had time for an early, crisp morning bike ride to the Mandela memorial-Bloem is certainly blessed to have Mandela watch over from atop signal hill..

bloem with dave

Next stop was the Drakensburg where we had a jam packed 4 days of academics and world class international guest speakers..

My next post will be a 10 take home point summary of the conference.

It was wonderful that my parents could join us for the time we spent there-there is no time like family time..

From there we headed south to Manaba where we spent a wonderful 6 days with Carmen’s brother(out from NZ) as well as her parents.

pieter carmen and girls

Our road trip then took us to Port Alfred through a treacherous Transkei, littered with bad drivers and goats grazing on the tarmac.. Our final stretch was through to Knysna-an epic trip…but I must admit…now I need a holiday!!!