Life is about living in the present…enjoying your family, enjoying your hobbies, and enjoying your friends…

What better way to combine all of the above than on the berg and bush set in the beautiful town of Winterton.

I partnered up again with David Walsh from Bloem- we are essentially brothers; we ride alike, we think alike and some even say we look alike. From the administrative issues with preparing for the trip right down to the racing itself we dovetailed it perfectly. Dave is blessed too with a wonderful family who came down with us as our back-up, our moral support and of course, excellent company!

Winterton is a long way from Knysna, but boy was it all worth the trip.

The race took place over 3 days in and around Winterton, including the climb up to the infamous Spioenkop. We were endulged with a talk on our second evening by a guru on South African war history-what a treat!

After 3 days of hard racing, Dave and I finished 9th overall…600 teams had entered-I was pretty chuffed….being a “roadie”…

Thanks again to Dave and the Walshes for an unforgettable weekend away….